Screening: Shooting vs. Shooting

Screening January 23, 2012 7:00 PM

Followed by a Q&A with Director Nikos Megrelis.


Up to 346 journalist, cameraman, and fixers were killed in Iraq following the 2003 invasion.

Award winning journalist, Nikos Megrelis spent three years researching the deaths of media professionals during what was one of the bloodiest wars in history. Shooting vs Shooting tells the stories of journalists and media workers who died doing their jobs.

Megrelis investigates the deaths of  two cameramen, Jose Couso and Taras Protsyuk during an attack on the Hotel Palestine on 8 April, the tragic events that resulted in the death of Al Jazeera correspondent Tareq Ayyub, the killing of ITN journalist Terry Lloyd and his interpreter, Hussein Osman outside Basra and of cameraman Mazen Dana outside the Abu Graib prison and the Al Qaeda branch execution of Italian journalist and blogger Enzo Baldoni.

With archive material, the film also features interviews with Peter Arnett, John Pilger, Michael Massing, Anthony Shadid, Chris Cramer, Kevin Sites, Philip Knightly, Aidan White, and Giuliani Sgrena.  


Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2011, Nomination For Best Film Award – Al Jazeera Film Festival 2011, Cinema City International Film Festival Novi Sad 2011, Best Documentary Award – Kazan International Muslim Film Festival Russia 2011


Running time: 73 minutes.