Screening: Addicted in Afghanistan + Q&A

 Well known as one of the world’s leading producers of heroin, Afghanistan has over a million drug addicts, many of them children.

 This award-winning documentary tells the timeless story of two addicted teenagers, 15-year-old Jabar and 14-year-old Zahir and how their families have been ravaged by drugs.

Director Jawed Taiman who followed these two teenagers over the course of two years gives a heartbreaking glimpse into their lives including their failed attempts to become clean.

Almost all the boys’ family members are drug users, but the generations have different justifications for their addictions. While Jabar and Zahir blame the Americans for their drug abuse, Zahirs mother blames the Taliban for hers. Addicted in Afghanistan not only tells the very personal stories of Jabar and Zahir, but also sheds a light on the broader and deeply-rooted drug problem in today’s Afghanistan.

Director: Jawed Taiman
Duration: 75′
Year: 2009