School exams in Iraq

Iraqi blogs (Last of Iraqis and Healing Iraq) and interestingly a US-funded Arab radio station are reporting news of a shooting at an Iraqi school. They say at least four students were wounded when the guards of Iraq’s Education Minister, Khudhair al-Khuzai, started shooting at them.
The incident occurred last Thursday during a routine visit by al-Khuzai to the College of Education in Baghdad.
Eyewitnesses say that a scuffle broke out between the guards and some of the older students, who are in their 30s, when they complained about conditions at the school and traded insults with the guards. The guards then began firing shots at the students, one of whom appears to have suffered head injuries.
A government spokesman initially said that there had been an assassination attempt on the Education Minister, though according to Zeyad, at Healing Iraq, this was later retracted in a radio interview.
Zeyad also says that Prime Minister Maliki has promised to investigate the incident though Zeyad doesn’t hold out much hope for the outcome.
There’s some video of this here and a similar one below. There are no graphic images in these videos but you can hear gunshots.