#SafetyStream: A series of live-streamed panel discussions on staying safe in the field

Workshop Tuesday 22 October 2013, 2:00PM - 3:00PM


We are joining forces with the Frontline Freelance Register and Rory Peck Trust to bring you a live online stream of safety tips and risk assessment. Three succinct online panel discussions will address the issues and answer questions about preparing freelancers for working in hostile environments.

The discussions will take place at the Frontline Club and will be streamed on the Frontline Freelance Register site, here. You can check out some of the Rory Peck Trust resources for freelancers that will be discussed during the streams here.

It will kick off at 2:00PM on Tuesday 22 October. You can pose questions and start your own conversations during each segment by posting to #safetystream on Twitter.

We’ll be covering:

  • 2:00PM: Doing a risk assessment. We’ll get into the vital task of assessing the risks you may encounter on assignment. The Rory Peck Trust’s Risk Assessment resource can get you started.
  • 2:30PM: Creating a communications plan. A rapid response is critical in a crisis situation, yet it’s often a weak spot in a freelancer’s preparations. This segment goes over what’s at stake. The Rory Peck Trust have produced a Communications Plan template that you can access now.
  • 3:00PM: Digital security preparation. How you’re going to communicate securely on the ground and protect yourself digitally wraps up our sessions. We’ll be touching on topics that you can find in the Rory Peck Trust Digital Security resource.

Panelists to be confirmed.