RSF sets up in Tunisia

I’m currently in Tunis, reporting on the upcoming elections for an assembly which will be charged with writing a new constitution following January’s Jasmine Revolution

I’m pleased to see that Reporters Sans Frontieres have been able to open a permanent office in Tunis to support journalists during the transition to democracy.

For years Tunisia was something of a news blackhole. I spoke at length to the BBC English reporter here Murad Teyeb, who told me it was practically impossible for him to report anything other than sport under the regime of Ben Ali. Foreign journalists found it incredibly difficult to get accreditation to report from Tunisia. (I have to report that this time round for a foreign correspondent things are very different!)

Many challenges remain for journalists learning how to deal with new-found press freedom, but RSF’s new office is a great start. Speaking at the opening ceremony, president of RSF Jean-Francois Julliard said "I am very happy about this new era of liberty and freedom of expression in Tunisia".