Rob’s Safari Soundtrack IV

It’s been a while (largely thanks to the inability of Kenyan politicians to agree on anything) but now that I’m back on the road it’s time to dip back into the Safari Soundtrack. For the uninitiated, it’s my attempt to match Africa’s vast landscapes with the perfect music. It means big, bold and epic. For the initiated, you’re probably starting to think I’m just picking my favourite songs.
Anyway, here’s what I’ve been listening to during my helicopter rides around Darfur:
Flowers and Football Tops, Glasvegas – imagine The Mary Chain playing Phil Spector. Say no more
Time to Pretend, MGMT – another one that’s probably desperately old hat to all you hipsters but I’ve only just found it
Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake, Grandaddy – this actually has been a mainstay of roadtrips without ever having made it on to the Soundtrack before
All suggestions for my Safari Soundtrack are gratefully received.