Rob Crilly in Nairobi

Nairobi-based freelance journalist Rob Crilly is the latest addition to the blog stable at From the Frontline. Rob started blogging at South of West late last year. He’s been very busy with coverage from Kenya for The Times, Irish Times, Christian Science Monitor and The Daily Mail during the recent violence there. You can listen to an interview with Rob about Somalia from nearly a year ago at NPR. Rob starts his blog off with a post on how the ethnic tensions have impacted who can and cannot drive him to certain places in Kenya these days. Rob is a frequent visitor to Sudan and Darfur and other parts of East Africa. Rob is the third Africa-based Frontline blogger – Fred in the DRC and Zimbabaloola in Zimbabwe being the other two. We hope to have two more African blogs up and running soon. If you use an RSS reader you can subsrcibe to Rob’s blog here.