Reporting Zimbabwe

The Committee to Protect Journalists produce an audio slideshow of journalists discussing the difficulties of reporting from Zimbabwe and the great risks involved for little or even no money. The slideshow is an accompaniment to a larger article entitled Bad to worse published today ahead of the June 27 “run-off” election,

“We can’t go to rural areas to do violence stories as we were able in early April,” said Peta Thornycroft, a Zimbabwean reporter for the London-based Daily Telegraph. “We would bring danger to people who are already in danger. Several contacts have sent messages to us not to come.” link

Even so, sales of The Zimbabwean – the independent weekly printed in South Africa and shipped over the border – have risen

“We are now selling far more than ever before,” [the paper’s U.K.-based editor, Wilf Mbanga said], “which proves that despite the economic hardships, people are desperate for accurate, reliable information.” link