Ramazan Grape Trip

Went out of town this afternoon to get some grapes. Not that you can’t buy them in town, but actually driving 45 minutes into the districts to pick them yourself is always more fulfilling (and more interesting). So we headed to the land of a friend in Dand district. He has about 50,000 grapevines on his land, so even though the rain a few weeks ago had caused a lot of problems for the farmers, we were still able to find a few.

As you can see, it’s more or less in the middle of nowhere – is there anywhere in Afghanistan that you can’t say this about? – and was very quiet. A couple of shepherd boys passed us by on the way with their goats. There was a nice donkey tied to the gate, with whom we stood waiting while the farmer came with the key to the lock.
It’s ramazan in Kandahar at the moment (a month-long fast from around 3am-7pm every day) so we hurried back after gathering the grapes. Back at home we had a great meal as usual. Here you can see how many grapes we took.