Published: Newsgathering Safety and the Welfare of Freelancers

Today we are pleased to announce the publication of our white paper, Newsgathering Safety and the Welfare of Freelancers.

A year ago, we invited freelancers, editors, managers, trainers and safety advisors to come together and discuss the issues of safety in the field.

Since then, professionals from across the industry have been collaborating and sharing their experiences and insight to shape this paper, overseen by ex-Director of BBC World Service Richard Sambrook.

In this paper, we have tried to to address the problems facing today’s freelancers, whose efforts to inform and engage us are now more valuable than ever – coverage of the ongoing conflict in Syria is testament to this.

Our efforts do not end here. The findings on duty of care, safety training, digital security and insurance are foundations that we will continue to build upon to improve the lot of freelancers and, in so doing, encourage a wider view of the world around us.