Pre-Election Night Special at the Frontline Club

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On  the eve of polling day, First Wednesday will be an opportunity to discuss some of the issues that have come up – or haven’t – during this election campaign. We’ve had TV debates, "Cleggmania" and a hung parliament remains a possibility but how much does the talk of "change" stand up to scrutiny?
The event will hosted by Paddy O’Connell, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House who always ensures a fast-paced, lively discussion with lots of opportunity for comments and questions from the floor.You can read up about the panel of experts who will be able to throw some light on some of the big issues raised in this election.

Vernon Bogdanor is Professor of Government at the University of Oxford, he has authored more than ten books and writes occasionally for the Guardian and the Spectator.

An expert in the British constitution, his most recent book The New British Constitution (2009) has been wooed as "timely" in its approach (read the full review). Read a Guardian interview with Bogdanor here.  

Kat Banyard is the author of the Equality Illusion, in which she investigates "the major issues for twenty-first-century feminism". She is also the founder of UK Feminista, an organisation campaigning for gender-equality.

Ivor Gaber‘s expertise is in Political Communications. Besides being a Professor of Political Campaigning at the City University London, he works as an independent producer of programmes for BBC radio 4 and BBC world Service. Gaber is also a freelance consultant who has worked with a range of organisations and governments.

Read his article in the Tribune Magazine from 22 April on the second leaders’ debate.    

Ashok Viswanathan is one of the founders of Operation Black Vote (OBV). OBV was founded in 1996 as a collaboration between two organisations – Charter88 and 1990 Trust. OBV is a non-party political campaign, which aims to make the black community more involved in British politics.

You can read more about OBV on its blog here and book here to join us.