Political tumult in the Middle East and North Africa – Frontline Club events in February

With so much going on in the Middle East and North Africa it’s unsurprising that our two events in February focusing on the region sold out.

Our First Wednesday event on 2 February was announced as a discussion on The Tunisian domino effect and the Middle East but one week after we announced it the world’s attention was on Egypt.

With lots of discussion and debate about what lies ahead in the region, this event is worth watching again. Or you can download on itunes here.

Our First Wednesday special was again sold out within hours of us announcing that we would again be discussing Egypt, this time looking at what lay ahead for the country following the fall of president Hosni Mubarak. Again, recommended for a briefing on Egypt’s politics – download the podcast here or take a look at the blog post and video here.

The issue of protest was again discussed during our event The changing nature of protest: does the mainstream media get it? A fascinating discussion with a great panel, the focus was on the people who were taking to the streets and how social media tools were shaping the protests and journalism.

You can watch the video or read the blog post here or download from itunes.


We also discussed the "Art of the interview" at an extremely entertaining event with Warren Etheredge, Razia Iqbal, Adam Boulton and Paddy O’Connell, which you can read about and watch on Lucy Lacock’s blog post here.

Finally, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David E Hoffman gave a fascinating insight into the final days of the Cold War and cartoonist Martin Rowson joined us to discuss the art of the political cartoon and the role of satire.