Pizza in Kabul

Kabul hillside, originally uploaded by zedwards.

Jean Mackenzie at the Institute for War and Peace reporting tells us how easy it is these days to grab a pizza in Kabul,

Friday night at Boccacio, formerly known as Villa Villebita. Remember the old days? You would show up, desperate for the best pizza in town, a bottle of wine, perhaps, or a Greek salad for the health-conscious. You would present yourself at the front door, only to have the handsome Croatian maitre d’hotel fix you with a steely stare. “You did not make a reservation?” he would ask accusingly. Shamefaced, you would hang your head, and with a last look at the tables of lucky diners, go off to some second-rate location. Welcome to the new Kabul. Now you can just show up and have your pick of any seat in the house. The few other diners in the establishment will shoot you self-congratulatory grins, as befits those hardy few who venture out in the post-Serena world. link