Phone hacking inquiry judge calls on journalists not to “close ranks”

The judge leading the phone hacking inquiry has called on journalists not to close ranks and instead help him "grapple with the length, width and depth of the problem" Reuters is reporting.

The inquiry into the media’s relationship with the public, police and politicians was announced following revelations of phone hacking at News International’s News of the World.

Lord Justice Brian Leveson has been given scope by Prime Minister David Cameron to look at all media.

"It may be tempting for a number of people to close ranks and suggest that the problem is or was local to a small group of journalists then operating at the News of the World," Leveson said at a news conference.

"But I would encourage all to take a wider picture of the public good and help me grapple with the length, width and depth of the problem.

"I would rather invite editors, proprietors of magazines and journalists to assist me by providing a wide range of examples of what is contended to be appropriate for one reason or another across the fullest range of titles," Leveson added.

Reuters says the judge did not specify whom he might call, but said he would use his powers to call for witness statements and any relevant documents as soon as possible.