Panoscope and the TB Partnership

Now a little bit about the Programme that brought me here.

The newsletter Panoscope, which I am helping to edit at the conference, is produced by the Panos Global AIDS Pogramme with funding from the Stop TB Partnership.

The initiative has brought 9 journalists from different nations to cover the conference and report back to their countries, allowing multiple voices and angles at the international coverage of this issue.

Journalists include experience health correspondents from countries like Mexico, Vietnam and Russia who would otherwise not be able to come to Brazil.

They have also brought feature stories of communities in their own countries who suffer with TB – some of them, very interesting, like the high rate of TB in the US-Mexico Border and problems of drugs quackery in Vietnam. They are published at the Pansocope, wich can be downloaded at the Panos AIDS website. As usual with the Panos Institute, all articles can be freely reproduced as long as the source is credited.