Our man gets a mention


This has nothing to do with Mexico. But it DOES have something to do with MexicoReporter.com- and that’s the recognition of co-founderMike Butcher as one of "The 10 Men a UK Female Internet Entrepreneur Should Know when Starting and Growing a Business," according to the Next Woman business magazine.

"Mike Butcher truly is journalist extraordinaire and with the awards to prove it – ‘One of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade by GfK NOP in 2004 and number 47 of the Top 100 people to know in London’s creative scene by The Independent in 2008. Before he considers your startup worth writing about, he will give you honest, and we mean really honest feedback on your business plan."

Butcher said – of course via Twitter – "I enjoy talking to women entrepreneurs, they have a refreshing perspective on business and, I find, life."

Butcher is editor of TechCrunch Europe and was my first ever print editor on New Media Age, back in 2000 when the dot com gold rush was hitting London.

Just as well we’ve got him on board then, innit?