On the road with Robert Adams

DSC00637-747869.jpgRobert Adams, one of the original Frontline TV cameramen and a founder member of the Frontline Club, is on the road. For six months Rob, his family and some friends will be on the road in Africa. From their home in Harare they’ll head to Cairo, Cape Town and back to Harare and all points in between. The family are taking it in turns to write on the blog,

It’s a little after 7, on an overcast morning in Harare. I’m sitting on our balcony, looking down over a valley full of msasa trees and birds. It’s hard to imagine that just a few kilometers away, beyond the hills on the other side of the valley, the vast majority of the population of this country are living in stress and penury…
…I suppose I am acutely conscious that as our adopted homeland sinks into the mire, with hunger and cholera and inexcusable selfishness by our political leaders, we are about to embark on what must, to some, seem like an absurd extravagance. I have been quietly haunted, the past few months, by the contradiction between Zimbabwe’s decline and our expedition. link

Follow the family Adams on the Jangano 2009 blog. We talked to Rob some time ago about his work on the film, Shake hands with the devil, about the Rwandan genocide.