On Expenses

I know no-one will believe me when I say this, but I’ve never been very creative with my expenses. In fact my first ever claim, at The Press and Journal, was returned by my news editor for "letting the side down". A swift tutorial in high teas, good dinners and elevenses followed. A new claim was submitted.

So I’m willing to pick up tips where I can. And, though the elite of Britain’s diplomatic corps may have lost a small perk, I see a new opportunity as I prepare to move to Islamabad. As The Times reported…

At  the moment diplomats get a “wear and tear” allowance for crockery, glasses  and cutlery that they serve at dinner and cocktail parties. This payment will go as will an outdated fee for “wasted food”. FCO officials  explained that in a number of countries diplomats were given an allowance to  cover food that went rotten after power cuts affecting fridges and freezers.