Nick Meo hits back

Nick Meo, who reported from outside Kandahar moments after an IED attack one week ago, has been coming in for a bit of stick since the report. He hit back earlier this week in the Telegraph with his side of this argument from the frontline,

For writing about this, the bloggers have called me a coward, a liar, a fantasist, anti-American, and a cheap Brit journalist. One urged the Telegraph to demote me to covering dog shows, not wars. Another blog described what the Taliban would have done to me if I had been taken captive. He was clearly disappointed that it hadn’t happened…
What happened that night on the Kandahar road was not part of a struggle between square-jawed good guys and bad guys wearing black turbans, as the bloggers perhaps imagine the war to be. It was a horribly everyday incident in a deadly conflict in which men kill each other in terrifying and sometimes chaotic conditions. link