New Rebel Group in DRC

Just when you thought you had a handle on what was happening among the myriad militia groupings in the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Independent reports the emergence of a new rebel army

The findings of collaboration with the Tutu rebels by the Rwandan government came on the same day that some of its leaders as well as officials from the Congolese government were meeting in Nairobi to try to negotiate a ceasefire. Those talks, according to the UN representative there, were already faltering. The Tutu rebels are led by General Nkunda, a former Congolese army general, who has said he is trying to protect the Tutu minority.

This is desperately worrying news. Followers of African affairs know that the more outlandish the dress of rebel fighters, the more violent their actions. Remember the feather boas, wigs and dresses of the Liberian and Sierre Leonian militias? Tutu fighters are seriously bad news.
(What I love about this is that this is not just a simple typo, it is repeated four times in the story – and debuts in the intro no less. Or has the Indy replaced its subs with a spellchecker?)