New job for Lara Logan

Lara Logan, CBS Chief foreign correspondent, is set to switch jobs and location. She will move from London to Washington D.C. Her new role will be Chief foreign affairs correspondent. However, she will still cover the war in Iraq and cover stories elsewhere,

“She will still travel all over the world, but she will based in Washington instead of London,” said Sean McManus, the president of CBS News. “She will still periodically cover the war in Iraq, and she will still cover international stories.” link

Speaking on The Daily Show last week Logan lambasted the mainstream press in the US for its coverage, or lack thereof, of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,

“I would like there to be more coverage of the wars,” she said. “I’d like there to be more money to have a bureau in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq. I’d like to see Zimbabwe on the air. That’s part of what my job is, to fight for those things.” link

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