Mortared in Gereshk

[video:youtube:ac0TXK6yuj0] I woke up early in the morning, and was sitting up on my camp-bed, when I heard a distant “pop”. It took me about a second to realise what I thought it was and I reassured myself that I was under protective cover.
I was right. Shortly after there was a loud explosion in the camp and the soldiers sleeping near me hurriedly put their protective clothing on. We were under mortar attack. There were further attacks that morning…indeed, as I write this a rocket-propelled grenade, known as an RPG, has just gone overhead.
The first strike this morning injured a young blond-haired officer who arrived in the camp with us. Fortunately he was what they call, “walking-wounded”, though he was hit by shrapnel in the shoulder, arm and thigh. He was unlucky to be hit but could have been much more seriously harmed.
The same mortar also sent shrapnel through 3 Company’s Colour, the flag flying over the base. The tradition of flying Colours dates back to pre-Napoleonic times and were used to identify units and key individuals on the battlefield. It is rare in modern times that they should be damaged in action.