More on the death of foreign news reporting

One of the least favourite (yet most common) topics of this blog since we started has been the decline in foreign news coverage and the various attempts to try and rescue it. The New York Times, quoting the latest Pew Research report today, suggests the grim tidings are only set to get grimmer,

“It’s really concerning when we have two wars overseas, our economy is more global, we’re competing with economies that are growing faster than ours, and our dependence on foreign oil is one of the biggest stories,” said Tom Rosenstiel, director of Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism… “One thing that surprised me was how optimistic the editors are… “They’re convinced that they can still make their newspapers better, because otherwise I’m not sure they could go to work in the morning.” link via Sambrook

UPDATE: Ethan goes over the main points of this report,

What worries me is that, with less international news in newspapers and newscasts, most citizens are going to end up feeling like these are issues they have no information about, no opinions on, and no ability to influence. In a world where the hard local problems demand global solutions, that’s an ugly development indeed. link

No doubt others will join in the discussion. I’ll update this post as and when they do.