More jump ship from The News

Only five of the original 14 people rehired by Grupo Mac to man The News, Mexico City’s struggling English-language newspaper, remain at the title.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Brian Rausch was the most recent editor of the newspaper following the dismissal of Malcolm Beith – who was the first to sit in the editor’s chair after The News was sold by its former owner Victor Hugo O’Farill to Grupo Mac at the beginning of June. understands that Rausch left the newspaper today along with another four people, and that three others left on Monday. Of the five remaining and original employees, only two of them are native English speakers.

Either way, the latest developments at the News do not bode well for the title, which for the last two weeks has relied even more heavily on wire reports and translated copy from other Grupo Mac titles to fill its pages.

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*edited at 7:28pm Mexico City time. Rausch and 7, not 8, others left the paper today, leaving 5 remaining.

* edited at 8:07pm Mexico City Time. Four others left the paper today with Rausch, three others left Monday

— Deborah Bonello for