Mona Alami on Lebanese media

Mona Alami, a Beirut based French-Lebanese journalist, writing for the Inter Press Service describes the failings of Lebanese media outlets. Assassinations, physical threats, political pressure, biased reporting, lack of professionalism, rampant corruption and self-censorship are what she calls the seven deadly sins of Lebanese newsrooms,

The most severe [sin] is undoubtedly the killing of prominent journalists, the deadliest form of censorship. On Jun. 2, 2005, Samir Kassir, leading columnist for the anti-Syrian daily al-Nahar, was assassinated in a car bomb in front of his home. A few months later, on Sep. 25, a bomb blew up under the SUV of political talk show host May Chidiac, another staunch opponent of Syria. Chidiac lost her left arm and leg. link