Mohammed Omer chronicles his beating

Mohammed Omer, the Gaza-based Palestinian journalist who recently recieved the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, gives a full and frank account of the treatment he received at the hands of Israeli security officers upon his journey home to Gaza,

As the beating, scratching and assaults continued, I was sure my body and face must look more like a football than a man. I again lost consciousness and awoke to find myself being dragged by my feet on my back through my vomit on the floor, my head bouncing on the pavement and body sweeping to-and-fro like a mop. Humanity or the capacity to be human seemed void within the souls in charge of my body. What causes men to hate so? link

John Pilger, who presented Mohammed with his journalism award in London, wrote about his treatment in The Guardian and a slightly longer version in the New Statesman.
UPDATE: Democracy Now speak to Mohammed via phone to Gaza.