Mohammed Al-Aarabid discusses his arrest in Gaza

Reporters Without Borders talks to Mohammed Al-Aarabid about his recent arrest in the Gaza Strip. Al-Aarabid is a cameraman with the French news agency Blue Press. He was arrested at his home in Gaza on 27 January 2008. After interogation in a detention centre he was released on 29 January,

“They asked me if I had any weapons. I said I did not. When they asked me if I was in contact with Fatah, I told them I supported this party without being an active member. I am just a cameraman who works for the Blue Press agency. I also sometimes happen to do work for Israel’s Channel 1 television. They then asked me if I was still working for the Palestinian TV channel [controlled by Mahmoud Abbas]. I replied that I had stopped working for it in June 2007.
“They wanted to know if I kept in touch with the channel’s management, in particular, Mohammed Al-Dahoudi and Abdel Salam Abu Nada, who are now in the West Bank. They questioned me and insulted me at the same time. One of them punched me when they arrested me. But, thank God, I was released without any problem.” link