Military bloggers turn on Michael Yon after comments about McChrystal

A while ago now I wrote about Michael Yon and the end of his embed with the British Army in Afghanistan.

Well it seems the lightning has struck again – only this time much harder.

Another Yon embed came to what he regarded as a premature end earlier in the month, but this time rather than blaming the nearest media operations officer, the independent journalist has trained his sights on none other than General Stanley McChrystal and his staff.

In a Facebook comment Yon claimed:  “McChrystal is a great killer but this war is above his head. He must be watched.”

That and various other comments about the progress of the war in Afghanistan haven’t gone down too well in some quarters. Queue military blog storm, as Yon’s former military blogging supporters decide he has overstepped the mark.
Wired has a great summary of the story which has been running for a few days now.