Milbloggies 2008: Go vote for your favourite milblog

The 2008 Milblogging Awards have been open for a couple of days now. If you want to nominate a blog you’ll have to head on over to before Wednesday. Voting will begin on Thursday.
There are several categories:
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Military (Parent)
U.S. Military (Spouse)
U.S. Military (Veteran)
U.S. Military (Supporter)
U.S. Navy
It’s a shame there isn’t a category for blogs outside of the US forces! But the Milblogging site says they can’t cope with any more categories at the moment. Next year, they promise more categories including “U.S. Coast Guard, Foreign National (Military) and others”.
Current Top Three Nominations in the ‘Frontline’ Categories:
US Airforce
1. Mudville Gazette
2. Dude, where’s the beach?
3. Talon
US Army
1. Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal (Archive is here)
2. A Soldier’s Perspective
3. From my position…on the way.
US Marine Corps
1. One Marine’s View
2. Sand Gram (New site)
3. Jarhead Online
US Navy
1. LT Nixon Rants
2. Doc in the Box
3. Neptunus Lex