Michael Yon to embed with the Gurkhas later in the year?


Independent journalist Michael Yon, whose vivid dispatches from Frontline military embeds have proved popular both in the United States and Britain, has said that a return to covering British forces in Afghanistan later in the year is a strong possibility.

A few weeks ago, on his Facebook fan page (one of those new news sources we hear so much about) Yon said he had received "a positive response" from the British Ministry of Defence about "a possible embed" with the Gurkhas.

He said organising the embed might "require a trip to London to meet with a key person".

Yon has embedded with the British Army in the past, notably with The Rifles Regiment, but there was something of a disagreement between Yon and the MoD over the end of an embed in September 2009 which suggested Yon might not cover British forces again.

Having said that, a rapprochement always looked possible given the popularity of Yon’s dispatches and his admiration for British troops.