Membership Pricing

Membership donation is suggested at a £1 a day so £365 per annum, your contribution is a charitable donation to the Frontline Club Charitable Trust that supports the events programme and the welfare and safety of journalists around the world conducting perilous work. There is only one full membership category for both local & international members. We kindly ask donors to payment via Direct Debit. If this is not possible we ask that you pay using the Credit Card option. Our members enjoy entry to the Clubroom, nominal £5 tickets to events and preferable rates on bedroom stays as well as reciprocal benefits with our international partner clubs.


I was a founding member, does that mean I am still a member? You are only a member if you pay your annual fees.

HONORARY memberships, meaning memberships offered from the board are revised on an annual basis, hence can expire. LIFETIME memberships never expire.

My spouse is a member, does that mean that I am also? Regrettably memberships are individual however you are always welcome when they are around or we would be happy to see you apply for your own membership.

I am an FFR (Frontline Freelance Register) Member does that mean I am a Frontline CLUB Member? Although FFR is a Frontline Club Charitable Trust initiative, Club membership is separate to the register.
Do I have to be a journalist to join? No, although at our core were journalist and their friends, the membership has expanded to photographers, authors, artists, environmental experts, medical professionals and captains of industry.

Membership is not manned daily, please feel free to forward your questions to the CLUB OFFICE 02070467066 Mon-Friday 11-18.00

For full Terms and Conditions, you can contact us on [email protected]