Membership Pricing


Membership Type Initial Donation Monthly Annual 5 years Life
Full £100 £35 £325 £1,300 £5,000
Overseas/Concession £100 £25 £225 £1,000 £5,000

The Fine Print

Overseas Membership is offered at the Club’s discretion to applicants who reside more than 100 miles from London or travel abroad for a minimum of 6 months per year. The Young Person’s Concession applies to under 28s, who are also exempted from the joining fee. The Retiree Concession is available to over 65s. All memberships are provided for a minimum period of one year, the first year is provisional. The Membership fee is entirely a charitable donation to the Frontline Club Charitable Trust that supports the events programme and the welfare and safety of journalists around the world conducting perilous work. For full Terms and Conditions, please contact us on [email protected].

Payment Details

All Members are requested to pay by Direct Debit unless they do not have a UK bank account, in which case they can pay using the Credit Card option. Only 5 year or Life memberships can be paid by cheque or bank transfer. Your account will not be debited unless your application is approved.