Meet the Frontline Club Awards 2013 shortlist: Print

Martin Chulov has been the The Guardian’s Middle East correspondent since 2005. Of his work The Guardian say:

“Martin Chulov’s reports from Syria have been outstanding not just for his bravery and writing ability, but also his skill in finding a human tale that captures the essence of the war. To report on the Bodies in the River massacre, Martin was smuggled across the border into the dangerous Bustan al-Qasr suburb of Aleppo where he found relatives searching in a makeshift office to see whether any of their loved ones were among the 110 executed and dumped in the river. This powerful piece of writing, accompanied by video interviews online, was the high point of Martin’s extraordinary year.”


Molly Crabapple is an artist and writer based in New York. Her 2013 solo exhibition Shell Game led to her being called “Occupy’s greatest artist” by Rolling Stone magazine and she is the founder of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School that has more than 100 chains worldwide. She is the third artist in the last decade to be allowed to document Guantanamo. On nominating her, Vice said:

“Molly Crabapple went to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to report on the situation of the 166+ prisoners of Gitmo. She combined written journalism with illustration in gonzo reporting to explain the futility of the situation where we have nearly two hundred men held as indefinite detainees but only about 20 who can actually be charged with a crime. Molly attempts to push the kafkaesque situation of holding these men who have been cleared of all charges but who cannot be returned to their homes until “the war against terror” ends, which is a war that has neither a location to resolve nor a clear and definite goal.”

Carsten Stormer is a German-Asian correspondent, writer and photographer based in Manila. Born in 1973, Carsten initially wanted to become a ship captain and later abandoned his training to become a shipping agent, bartender, and traveller. He soon resolved to move into journalism, initially joining the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia and Burma’s Myanmar Times. He later studied journalism in Bremen and at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, India before receiving a scholarship to study feature reporting He is a member of Zeitenspiegel Reportages. His pictures appear in international magazines such as stern, Focus, FHM, Maxim, Marie Claire, Rogue, SZ-Magazin, Cicero, NZZ, Der Tagesspiegel, Frankfurter Rundschau. He focusses on wars, conflicts, human rights and social issues in Africa and Asia.