Matt Frei veers off road hits desk

After 17 years of on the road reporting, much of it in America, the BBC’s Matt Frei finds himself “anchoring” BBC World News America from behind a desk in Washington. And he seems to like the ride so far,

I have to admit I’m rather enjoying all the promotional stuff. I was at Washington’s busy Union Station the other day, being filmed looking earnest. There was a crew of 10, including a director from California who looked at me and said: “Okay Matt, I want to see big pride, biiiig pride in the BBC. And give me a smile to match.” link

I wasn’t too surprised to hear that the US President makes sure the journalists sit next the latrine when travelling on Air Force One,

The journalists get to sit in the very back of the world’s most famous plane, somewhere near the waste disposal unit… It is the only plane I know where you can stand and drink a glass of wine while taxiing down the runway. link