Mapping BBC Foreign correspondents

Oliver at the blog points to an interactive map – or “Google mashup” – of BBC Foreign correspondents, stringers and bureaus around the world. Click the map above to explore the locations and people. Now, if we could get a “conflict map” and lay it over the top of this map we might be able to suggest re-allocation of resources, if needed. Seriously, does a Google warmap mashup exist? Stuart Pinfold, the creator of the map, explains more on his blog,

I’ve just spent my last two night shifts messing around with the Google Maps API to create the BBC Correspondents Map. It’s in a constant state of production, as correspondents move around the world at an alarming speed as stories happen or are expected to happen; also, as it’s been made on night shifts while my brain is (also) in a permanent state of production, there’s bound to be some I’ve missed. link