Magnum Wars

Today Magnum launch a four episode series of photo essays on the Magnum in Motion site and simultaneously on Slate. The four episodes explore the theme of war. The starting point was something Philip Jones Griffiths said in an interview in 2006, “Photographers are either mud people or sand people. I’m a mud person.” Three present day war snappers were asked to react to Philip’s statement,

Christopher Anderson “It’s not actually the dead that I have seen in the Middle East, the physical destruction, that takes the toll: It’s this sense of this endless cycle. It’s hard to go and watch the similar sort of circumstances play themselves out over and over again.”
Paolo Pellegrin “While covering the war in Lebanon in 2006, bombs and missiles were exploding around us—but you never saw who was launching them. It was different from all the wars I had covered before, where you always had a sense of front lines and space and your presence within that space. This might be the way future wars look.”
Thomas Dworzak “I’m embedded with the Americans in Iraq. As a Westerner, there is no more access to the insurgent’s side. I don’t claim to have any overview. History made my choice—it’s fine!” link