Looking ahead to the week’s screenings and talks at Frontline Club

Monday’s screening Defusing Human Bombs takes us into Pakistan’s Sabaoon School, where young boys are rehabilitated and helped back into normal life after years of indoctrination at the hands of theTaliban and grooming for suicide missions.

A year on from the first broadcast of  The Baha’is of Iran, which coincided with further persecution of the community,  BBC Persian will screening  the documentary and hosting a discussion on the plight of Baha’is with the producers of the film and a panel of experts.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson hailed Bill Neely as one of "the great artists" who could "turn television into magic and use words and pictures like few other people do" when he was at the Frontline Club in March. Next Wednesday we are delighted that the ITV News’ international editor Bill Neely will be with us to discuss his journalism and an award-winning career spanning the Troubles in Northern Ireland to the uprising in Libya.

This evening’s FRONTLINE CLUB SPECIAL: Focus on Israel – How will it respond to the Arab spring? has been postponed to a later date.

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