Live tonight: Is this the end for FARC?

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You can now watch the event here. 

With the recent release of Igrid Betancourt, we’ll be discussing the future of the FARC at the Frontline Club tonight. Please come watch, listen and join in live on the Frontline Club live broadcast channel. We go live at 7.30pm GMT. The question up for discussion is,

Will the release of Ingrid Betancourt – arguably the world’s most famous hostage, and FARC’s main bargaining chip – along with 14 other hostages – mean the end of FARC and the beginning of serious peace negotiations with the Colombian government? more info link

Taking part will be: Malcolm Deas, from Oxford University), Andy Higginbottom of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Hernando Alvarez, a Colombian journalist and BBC Latin American Service and Alice O’Keefe, from the New Statesman.
Please tune in LIVE at 7.30pm GMT
Apologies for stepping in for Anastasia and crossposting on the main Frontline Club blog, but this is the Colombia section of Frontline 🙂
UPDATE: Here’s a recording of the debate – it was very good.