Live from Kandahar… soon

[video:youtube:VOiLs95QpV8] Frontline blogger Alex made his way down to Kandahar last week – you can see a bit of his recent journey through Arghandab district in the short clip above. He’ll be based in the southern province for the next eight or nine months. Well worth keeping an eye on his blog. He’s putting up plenty of video footage using a Flip camera including this multimedia blog post on the Hazaras,

The story is so small and on such a local level that nobody is particularly interested. With an ever-growing insurgency, are international readers really interested in a conflict within the conflict, in which there are no international actors, nor anyone the ‘international community’ need particularly pay heed to… Even within Afghanistan, it doesn’t merit any attention from local journalists. This is undoubtedly on account of ethnic biases against the purported ‘victims’, the Hazaras. link

Alex and myself plan to experiment with a range of live streaming video services including ustream and Yahoo Live over the coming weeks so long as Kandahar broadband can handle the bandwidth…