LIVE event: World AIDS Day – Have we seen the worst?

[video:bliptv:1536730] We are marking World AIDS Day at the Frontline Club tonight with a discussion that asks the question: Have we seen the worst? Taking part will be Professor Robin Shattock, from St. George’s, Michael Bartos of UNAIDS, Thandi Haruperi who works with RestorEgo/EATG and Anton Kerr from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. Chairing the discussion will be Sarah Boseley from The Guardian. If you can’t make it to the club in person, please come and join us online on the Frontline Club live channel. We start at 7.30pm UK time tonight Monday 1 December,

Just how attainable and sustainable is changing sexual behaviour? Or is it drugs – and access to them – that is the real key to overcoming this epidemic?
The search for the elusive vaccine continues, but for how long can we justify the millions being spent on this when many scientists say we are not much nearer to finding a vaccine than we were 27 years ago when AIDS was first recognised?
We ask our panel of policy makers, scientists, journalists and community activists where they think the future lies for combating HIV and whether we really have seen the worst. link