Live event: Mumbai – India’s 9/11


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Tonight we discuss the recent attacks in Mumbai at the Frontline Club – Tue, 26 Dec at 7pm UK time. We’ll be broadcasting the event on the Frontline Club live channel which you can see above,

What will these attacks mean for the ongoing “war on terror” and will India now be seen as a soft target? Will deteriorating relations between Pakistan and India be brought closer by a new co-operation to work together in the aftermath of the attacks and a joint desire to bring the perpetrators to justice? Or will these attacks simply fuel the existing tensions between these two nuclear powers?

Taking part will be Aamir Ghauri, a London-based journalist/political commentator, David Loyn, the BBC’s International Development correspondent, Vikram Dodd who writes for The Guardian and was in Mumbai shortly before the attacks took place, and returned there the following day to report on them and Edna Fernandes, a British Indian journalist and former foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in New Delhi as well as political and international business correspondent for Reuters and Dow Jones in London. Chairing the discussion will be Owen Bennett-Jones, a presenter and correspondent for the BBC and former Islamabad correspondent.
If you can’t join us at the club in person, do please try and join us online.