Leaders’ Debate at the Frontline: Is it really a three-horse race?

Palace_of_Westminster,_London_-_Feb_2007.jpgLast week’s historic political party leaders’ debate showed just how uncertain the result of 2010 election will be (here’s The Times’ coverage).

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was considered the winner of the debate in many opinion polls, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown admitted his defeat, at least in terms of style and delivery Brown claimed to have lost on "style, presentation – and smiling". 

After Clegg’s win in the first debate, the Lib Dems have been given much attention in media, with polls showing that their support has gone from 20 percent on April 15 to 29 percent on April 19 (find the poll on BBC’s website here).

However, Lord Mandelson, the Secretary of State Business and head of Labour’s campaign says that the voters will "turn away from their current flirtation with Mr Clegg" (the Independent has more).

There remains the possibility of a coalition between the Lib Dems and Labour, in the event of a hung parliament. David Cameron stepped out in media and said: "Vote Clegg, get Brown", in an attempt to point out that the only way to get change is to vote Conservative.

This Thursday at the Frontline we’re showing the second debate, broadcast by Sky and focusing on foreign affairs, live at the club. We also have a panel debate before and after to analyse the action. For tickets, click on this link.