Kit to the future

Kevin Sites filed text, video, images and audio from twenty wars for the duration of one year between 2005-2006 for the Yahoo HotZone project. Pictured above is the equipment he took with him. It all fitted inside one rucsac. Just a couple of years later and I think it’d be even smaller than it was back then. But what would you replace? And what would you replace it with? Here’s what he had

Sony HDR-HC1 – High-Definition Digital Camcorder (With X 0.7 Wide Angle Converter Lens)
Samsung SC-X105L – Digital Camcorder With “Headcam.”
Apple 12-inch PowerBook – Laptop Computer.
Hughes R-BGAN – Satellite Modem
Thuraya/Hughes 7101 – Portable Satellite Phone.
Palm Treo 650 GSM – Mobile “Smart” Phone link

Compare and contrast with what Naka Nathaniel worked with for the New York Times until recently.