Kim Sengupta talks to Ahmed Rashid

[video:brightcove:1657894487] Ahmed Rashid spoke recently at the Frontline Club with the BBCs Lyse Doucet and today it’s another Frontline Club member’s turn Kim Sengupta. He talks to the fighter turned foreign correspondent in The Independent today. He recalls how the Pakistani authorities banned him from working and the Taliban said he must be killed,

“It was a very difficult time. I could get around the working ban by writing under different names, but I had to go into hiding for about three months after the Hikmatyar threat,” Rashid said. “He had been responsible for killing a lot of people and he would have had no compunction about getting ridding me. I doubt if the security forces would have spent much time investigating the matter.” link

The video above is of the Lyse Doucet talking to Ahmed Rashid at the Frontline Club.