Kevin Sites sewing workshops

Kevin Sites is moving on from the Yahoo funded Hot Zone war reporting project he is most well known for. He is working on what sounds like a gimmicky show called People of the web. Sites believes war reporters need to focus on people and not combat,

“The combat, which may only last a couple of minutes, a couple of hours, a couple of days … will create a legacy of destruction for the civilian population that will go on for generations.” link

The Hot Zone proved popular, but it didn’t make a lot of cash. Advertisers are wary of war. Sites is still involved with Congo. He set up an NGO to help rape victims in the west African country,

The “Kivu Sewing Workshop for the Welfare of Women” aims to help rape victims “regain confidence and purpose.” Since 1998, a reported 5.4 million people have died because of conflict in Eastern Congo (formerly Zaire). The rape of civilian women is so common there that the United Nations’ top humanitarian coordinator, John Holmes, says it’s “almost a cultural phenomenon…” Sites is looking for donors and web gurus to help build, host and maintain a website for the project. He can be e-mailed at [email protected] link