Kelly Kennedy in Adhamiya

Amy Goodman at Democracy Now interviews Kelly Kennedy, a staff writer with the Army Times, about breaking the story of mutiny among the ranks of Charlie company in Adhamiya, a district in northeastern Baghdad,

I hope that the story would show people exactly what soldiers in Iraq are dealing with. I’m not sure Americans understand exactly what this war looks like to our soldiers… One day, he went out on patrol with his guys, and they had just been called back into Apache, which was the name of the combat outpost where they were in Adhamiya, and he apparently looked—said that he had had it. He looked at a wall, he fired a round, and then he took his M4, and he put it under his chin, and he killed himself in front of his men. It left a lot of people just saddened and horrified. And then, the next week, Bravo Company was hit by an IED, and they lost four guys, too. link