Keeping an eye on the Tbilisi demonstrations

Fellow Frontline Club blogger Onnik Krikorian has produced a great round up of online and social media coverage of the first day of demonstrations in Tbilisi, Georgia.

April 9 is a date firmly etched in the memory of many Georgians. Any demonstration on the anniversary of the 1989 Soviet crack down would always bring out people, whether supporters of the opposition or people just curious to see what was going on.

For perhaps more of a grassroots perspective I’ll be keeping my eye on the blog that Georgian journalism students at GIPA are producing that Onnik pointed out.

The Georgian Young Lawyers Association is another independent group that’s useful to get a picture of what’s happening between demonstrators and police/security services. I bumped into the chairperson Tamar Khidasheli late last night outside the Georgian parliament.

Her group has monitors observing the demonstrations. Here’s what she had to say.