Kabul street Photography

January 11, 2011


 Some pictures that I took in Kabul. I tried posting this a week ago or so, hopefully it works this time . . . . .


9-1 IMG_6257.JPG


9-2 IMG_5089.JPG


9-3 IMG_5177.jpg


9-4 IMG_5074.jpg


9-5 IMG_6002.JPG


9-6 IMG_5096.JPG


9-7 IMG_5784.JPG


9-8 IMG_5243.JPG


9-9 IMG_5697.JPG


9-10 IMG_5759.jpg


9-11 IMG_6276.JPG


9-12 IMG_5807.JPG


9-13 IMG_5860.JPG


9-14 IMG_5719.jpg


9-15 IMG_5819.JPG

This is a rather big lady, I half suspect John Simpson is under that Burka! 


9-16 IMG_6053.JPG

The image on the computer screen isn’t too clear: Men watch belly dancers at a street internet cafe near the centre of Kabul.


9-17 IMG_6243.JPG


9-18 IMG_5967.JPG


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