Just for YOU: NATO launches WE-NATO social media platform

NATO has launched a new interactive social media platform called WE-NATO. It’s primarily a WordPress blog which will attempt to encourage an "eye level conversation with netizens out there in the web".

WE-NATO also wants to livestream a series of talks and conduct video interviews in the run up to the NATO summit in Chicago in May.

Unfortunately it’s not really started off too well. First, we have the launch announcement from "Deputy Assistant Secretary of Pubic Diplomacy". (Yep, that’s NATO’s "pubic"…)

Which consists of a fairly dull YouTube video:



I’m sure Dr. Stefanie Babst has lots of interesting things to say about what NATO does but I’m afraid after she tells me I’m in the "right place" to follow global issues, I just feel like actually I’m in the wrong place. A shame.

Then on the About page we have an impassioned plea for YOUR contributions. (Yep, that’s NATO’s excitable capitals): 

"WE-NATO is an interactive platform, which will enable YOU to engage directly with other netizens around the world in an open and transparent dialogue on issues related to NATO’s current agenda.

"This site is not a one way communication talk-shop, but a forum where YOU contribute…

"WE also want to listen to YOUR views and comments and WE want to share with YOU our thinking on a range of security issues some of which you may not be familiar with.

"Join the discussion. Join the debate and WE look forward hearing from YOU!"

Brilliantly, we are then informed that "comments are closed".

To be fair, you can comment on the launch announcement page, other pages and a plethora of NATO’s other social media sites. No doubt somebody will reply to you there. 

There is more background on the WE-NATO project in a slightly more interesting YouTube video on WE-Magazine.net.

Here an unidentified woman informs us that "NATO itself, in its organisational structure, is not ready yet for what Web 2.0 is actually asking from the institution".

Hmm…that maybe says it all.

P.S. In a bonus irony, you can’t currently comment on this blog despite my occasional pestering of the good people at the Frontline Club…but YOU (sorry, couldn’t resist) can drop me a line on Twitter.