Julius Strauss joins From the Frontline

Former war reporter, Julius Strauss is now blogging here at From the Frontline. Julius started his war reporting career as a freelance snapper during the Serbo-Croat and Bosnian wars. In 1996 he became the Daily Telegraph’s Balkans Correspondent. After covering the aftermath of the Bosnian war and the war in Kosovo he worked in Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and central Europe before heading to Sierra Leone and doing a stint in Afghanistan after September 11. The following year he became the Moscow Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. In 2005 he gave it all up to head to the Canadian hills with his girlfriend Kristin. They currently run the Grizzly Bear Ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Julius will be blogging about life as a former war reporter in the Rockies. And I hope he’ll blog some tales from the various wars he’s covered too. Julius’ blog is called From war zones to the Wilderness and it’s listed below the banner above and in the right hand column.