John Ray detained in China

[video:youtube:bdG0tpmKgbw] John Ray, ITV’s China correspondent, was covering a Free Tibet protest in Beijing’s main Olympic zone when he was detained by police earlier today. He managed to use his telephone from the back of the police van before the line went dead,

“I have been roughed up. They dragged me, pulled me and knocked me to the ground. Now they are filming me.” He could then be heard asking the officers with him: “Why are you filming? I am a British journalist. I have all the Olympic accreditation I need.” Police officers could then be heard asking: “What’s your opinion on Tibet?” Ray replied: “I have no opinion on Tibet. I am a journalist.” A police officer could then be heard telling him he was not allowed to use his telephone. The line went dead. Police were also filming and taking pictures of other journalists at the scene. link

Video link via Press Gazette.